Bella Hadid Debuts Hair Makeover: See Her Gorgeous New Bangs After Cutting Her Own Hair — Watch

Bella Hadid is cutting her own hair while in self-isolation. She gave herself a gorgeous makeover with new bangs, and we’ve got the before and after pics.

Bella Hadid has had a blissful coronavirus self-isolation on her family’s farm in Pennsylvania. The longtime equestrian been riding horses, doing TikTok videos and plenty of cooking/baking. But it appears that the tedium of being in quarantine finally got to the 23-year-old supermodel, as she decided to change up her hair and give herself a makeover. On Apr. 19, she took to her Instagram stories and showed new bangs, courtesy of her own hand and scissors. Then she proceeded to do the same to her BFF who she’s in quarantine with, giving model Leah McCarthy new bangs as well.

“I cut my bangs,” she captioned the first of a series of videos. Bella’s shoulder-length bob was pulled back in a clip so that her new hairstyle was all the more noticeable. She also had a full face of perfect makeup, including a shiny lip and shimmering golden eye shadow. Bella went bra-free in a plunging orange crop top, while wearing loose grey sweats-style pants. She admitted being in isolation has taught her some new things, including how to get Siri to play songs. “Why did Siri turn my music off :(. I’m new to this whole talking to your speaker thing,” she wrote over a video of her leaning into the camera. With a sultry look on her face, she modeled her new hair to Perdida‘s song “Biig Piig”

Then Bella asked fans in a poll, “Would you let me cut your bangs? Be honest.” She gave the options, “Yes So Cute” or “No, Go F Urself.” In the next IG stories videos that followed, she was seen giving her quarantine pal Leah bangs with a pair of clippers. “Well Leah let me cut hers so whoever said no, look at me now,” Bella wrote on the first video. Over the second she commented, “I said ‘You’re my squirmiest client.’ She said she’s also my most still client. With that said, my only client.”

“She loves it as you can tell,” Bella wrote over video where she ran her hands through Leah’s fresh new bangs like a pro stylist would. Finally, the supermodel teased fans by writing “Shy” while leaning into the camera and showing off her incredible body. Her tight abs were on display as she thrust her chest forward. Bella added some butterfly emoji’s over her face, as she gave a few slight flicks of her hand through her new bangs. She then shook her head back and forth to see how the bangs moved.

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Bella has been documenting her time in quarantine through gorgeous Instagram photos and videos on her family’s farm. She’s there with her mom Yolanda Hadid, 56, and both have been getting outside to get much-needed vitamin D, as their property is vast and allows plenty of room for social distancing. Between gardening, horseback riding and playing with baby goats, they’ve been able to enjoy the gorgeous springtime weather. Bella has even been able to lay out in a bikini to get plenty of sunshine on her skin.

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