Bellsavvy Celebrates All Bodies With New Video For Body Positivity Anthem ‘Queen Of My Mind’

You don’t need another person’s crown to realize you’re a ‘queen.’ Take it from Bellsavvy, who’s here with an anti-body-shaming music video that’s all about ‘self-esteem, self-love, and self-acceptance.’

Fabulousness comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s the message at the heart of Bellsavvy’s video for “Queen of my Mind.” The visual, premiering here on HollywoodLife, captures the pop singer/songwriter’s trials and tribulations in the modeling world. The uplifting self-empowerment anthem is given a video worthy of Bellsavvy’s emotionally-charged dance banger. The video is as colorful as it is inspirational. From suffering the shady slings and hateful arrows from casting agents critical of her natural beauty, to the exhilarating climax where Bellsavvy lets her beauty all hang out, “Queen of my Mind” takes viewers on a ride – and we are here for it.

“‘Queen of My Mind’ is a very personal, deep, and emotional song,” Bellsavy tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I wrote it about three years ago after a mental breakdown I had at the very end of my modeling career. I want others to feel the power we have when we love ourselves. Self-esteem, self-love, and self-acceptance are the most powerful things we can have in us. It changes everything.”

Being that this song is her debut single under the Bellsavvy moniker, it’s not surprising how every second of the music video is filled with meaning. The song captures her upbringing, but the costume and set design also pay homage to her Latin roots.

Based out of London, the Brazil-raised Bellsavvy began her career on MTV Brazil by singing on Studio Acesso Girls MTV, willing over the hearts of 1.8 million live viewers. From there, her career took off, landing roles in movies and modeling contracts. As “Queen of my Mind” points out, her road to success wasn’t always smooth. Her experiences with the modeling industry – specifically those comments about her body – left a profound effect on her self-esteem. She turned to music to help claw herself out of the hole, and it was in music that she found her truth.

“Queen of my Mind” comes amid Pride month, which is fitting. Bellsavvy’s music has been supported by LGBTQ+ communities around the world, who (sadly) know a thing or two about being told they don’t belong. Bellsavvy claims her mission is to “encourage others to feel strong, beautiful, and uplifted, no matter what anyone else tells you,” and after seeing this new video, mission accomplished.

“Queen of my Mind” is out now.

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