Bethenny Frankel says she doesn’t exercise except when she’s on vacation

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Bethenny Frankel is promoting her new HBO Max show, The Big Shot with Bethenny, where she auditions contestants to work as an executive for her Skinny Girl company. It sounds very Trump-esque, which is on brand for Bethenny. She has one of those “how I get it done” interviews with NY Mag’s The Cut and another interview with People. I wanted to talk about things she said in both interviews so I’m excerpting them below. I was kind of floored that she said that she doesn’t exercise, but given what I’ve heard about her books I think she is just crazy controlled about her diet. To People she talked a lot about getting Botox and getting older, some of which I could sadly relate to.

On exercise
I don’t exercise. If I’m on vacation, I’ll walk on the beach or I’ll snowboard, but that’s like once every year. I do yoga sometimes, but that’s more of a treat.

On “girl boss” branding
People pandering and writing all these like spiritual quotes, just the saccharine-y faux spirituality, all that stuff — it’s like kissing the ass of your followers. It’s as phony as the faces that are all filtered and Facetuned. You’re hoping that a couple of people that you’re talking to are at least winking at you like, Oh, we know it’s so gross. It’s a little too kitschy. It’s a little too martini bar. Everything is “girlboss” and “bad bitch.” I’m not into that stuff. Me personally, I have never thought about the fact that I am a woman. I have just gone in and fought to be better than the men, better than the women, just be better. I have definitely broken some barriers. – From NY Mag

On getting older
“Now it’s like the lottery every month if I’m going to get my period — or maybe the Easter bunny,” she says with a laugh. “Is it coming?”

As for getting older, she says, “It’s all new fodder. I’m launching a new line of reading glasses. You need readers everywhere — like mints.”

On botox and plastic surgery
“I’ve had a breast lift. Filler is scary but I believe in Botox because it decreased the size of my jaw. I grind my teeth. so it relaxes the muscle. I don’t use it as often as I should. I should set a calendar to look in the mirror. If I look like a Shar-Pei that’s when I know I need it next.” – From People

[From NY Mag and People]

Bethenny thinks she’s broken barriers with her businesses but her advice to women of color who run businesses is to hire white male spokespeople to advocate and negotiate for them. She’s trash on a lot of levels. However I could relate to not knowing when my period is going to come at this point and to needing reading glasses all over the damn house. I haven’t done Botox yet but at least she’s honest about that and about the plastic surgery she’s had. I still haven’t decided whether she’s being honest about not exercising. However if exercise was her thing I think she would be selling products for it already, like super light pastel-colored weights to “tone” but not “bulk up.” You know she would be one of those types.

Her dogs are named “Biggy” and “Smallz”

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A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel)

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