Billie Eilish Interviews Crew At Livestream Concert

A video shared by Billie Eilish sees the star conducting impromptu interviews with her crew members backstage during her Where Do We Go? Livestream concert for Crew Nation’s Backstage episode on Saturday (October 24).

Stepping away to the backstage during rehearsals, Eilish showed off the stagehands who help run the show.

“They are literally like my family. See, most of these people I’ve been working with since I was a very young girl, so they’re all OGs,” Eilish said. “It is really, really important that I think you guys know that people are losing jobs.”

She added, “Obviously, COVID has been a real struggle, and especially my crew, [they] haven’t had enough opportunity because we can’t do shows. So it’s really important that we do this.”

Eilish’s tour manager Brian Marquis, engineer Drew Thornton and drummer Andrew Marshall have all been with her since the beginning of her career.

Responding to her question on what he does as part of the crew, Eilish’s father Patrick O’Connell said, “I’m a factorum.” A definition presented in the clip says that means “a person having many diverse activities or responsibilities.”

(Photo: Lars Crommelinck)

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