Blac Chyna’s Mom Tokyo Toni Dragged After Ranting Against Black Women

For an unknown reason, Tokyo rambles in an Instagram video that she’s done dealing with ‘black b***hes’ and only wants to be surrounded by her ‘own kind,’ Latino women.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna‘s mom Tokyo Toni apparently despises black women. The 48-year-old, whose real name is Shalana Hunter, spoke against black women in a video rant without a clear explanation about what triggered her anger.

In the video, the Dominican declared that she’s done dealing with “black b***hes” and only wants to be surrounded by her “own kind,” Latino women. “I don’t wanna f**k with these h**s especially these black b***hes you out yo f**king mind. I need me some latinos. My kind, my girls,” she said in the video. “I need my own kind from now on. I’m sorry, I’m not tryna be funny. I need latinos. I don’t wanna deal with no more black b***hes.”

She continued dissing black women, saying, “Yall b***hes are worthless as f**k in my opinion. Yeah you are b***h what do you do?… What is your purpose in life? What are you here breathing my f**king air for? Exactly… I don’t give a f**k b***h get away from me. Ugh, just disgust me. Black b***hes. Is annoying. Just so f**king annoying. Jus looking at you b***hes is f**king annoying.”

Tokyo went on mocking people who are dependent on government assistance like welfare, blaming them for perpetuating harmful stereotypes. “Look atchu just sitting up there on welfare. Ya mother, ya grandmother, all you motherf**kers. Generational wealth of welfare. Ya f**king kids stupid don’t know a second language but you buy the top hair weave,” she added.

She concluded her message as saying, “Cant no black b***hes talk to me. So take your black power black panther a**es on. Go on and march on down the street and allat s**t. Just get away from me. Bye b***h. Cuz you b***hes kill each other. Ugh terrible. Allat. Terrible.”

It didn’t take a long time before Internet users caught wind of Tokyo’s video and blasted her for attacking black women. One person accused her of being high while recording the video, “What crack is she smoking?”

“Is this b***h serious? And she must be crazy because the ‘I no black!’ Dominicans will certainly not claim her tooth gapped a**,” another reacted in disbelief. A third commenter brought up her tumultuous relationship with her daughter, “She’s doing black women a favor not hanging around us. That’s why Chyna don’t f**k with her now.”

“She talking about herself. She so damn ugly too clawwwd,” another person mocked Tokyo. Someone else added, “Sounds like she’s looking for attention. Hasn’t she been homeless? Better to have section 8 and a roof over your head for the low than no roof at all.”

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