BLACKPINK’s 2020 Album Details Will Have BLINKs On The Edge Of Their Seats

Despite the fact BLACKPINK has been dominating the music scene since 2016, the group has yet to release a full-length album. Fans believed they would get one by the end of 2019, so when that didn’t happen, they launched a campaign asking BLACKPINK to release more music. Now, fans’ wishes are coming true because BLACKPINK’s 2020 album details reveal so many surprises.

On May 4, BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, revealed BLACKPINK will make their comeback in June, but the exact date wasn’t finalized just yet. Since the last time BLACKPINK made their comeback was in April 2019 with their EP Kill This Love, fans couldn’t believe they were finally getting new music after all this time.

On Monday, May 19, YG gave fans another update about the group’s highly-anticipated return to music. The agency teased BLACKPINK’s comeback was going to follow a different schedule than what fans have become used to. Instead of the group promoting one track off their album, they will be releasing two singles. "BLACKPINK’s first new song, which will be released in mid-June, is a pre-release title track," announced YG.

BLINKS will be happy to hear the single will come with a music video. "The BLACKPINK members are currently preparing to film the music video for the song, and they are picking up the pace of their final preparations, including practicing their new choreography," YG said.

Just a few weeks after the first single’s release, fans will hear another new track from BLACKPINK. YG described it as "a special kind of a new song" that will be released in July or August.

Finally, in September, fans will get BLACKPINK’s first full-length LP. "As it’s a first studio album that [BLACKPINK] has been preparing for a long time, we hope to create more opportunities for the group to greet fans through performances and other content than in any year before through a three-step, multi-phased release," YG explained.

Read the agency’s full statement below.

While fans still have to wait a month until the first single drops, they can look forward to BLACKPINK’s collaboration with Lady Gaga for "Sour Candy" next. The song is part of Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album, which will release on May 29.

BLACKPINK’s new comeback schedule has fans on their toes since they don’t know what to expect exactly, but one thing’s for sure: the album is going to be totally epic.

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