Brett Young Reveals He’s Considering Making Christmas Album

Brett Young revealed in a recent virtual media event that he has missed the deadline to make a Christmas album this holiday season but is considering doing so in future.

Young said that when the pandemic forced everyone to stay under lockdown this year, it would have been the ideal time to record a Christmas album. “I just realized it too late, and I missed my window,” Young told the Taste of Country and other outlets.

To release a Christmas record in time, “You basically gotta go out in June,” according to the country singer-songwriter.

“I love Christmas music. I’ve been talking a lot about doing it, more than just one song — whether it’s an EP or a full-length — and what we can do to make it a little different. Because I don’t wanna write Christmas songs. I would love to do the classics, but in a different vibe or style,” he added.

Young vowed that he is committed to making his holiday project happen at some point, saying, “I missed my window this year. So, hopefully, maybe next year? As soon as it works, it’s happening.”

(Photo: Seth Kupersmith)

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