Bruce Springsteen Decries George Floyd Death As ’21st Century Visual Lynching’

Bruce Springsteen played a few songs that reflected his views on the nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd and racial injustice during his “Bruce Springsteen — From His Home to Yours” series on E Street Radio on Wednesday.

Included among them was Billie Holiday‘s “Strange Fruit,” which he described as “One of the darkest songs in the American canon.”

“The video of the death of George Floyd is a 21st century visual lynching and ‘Strange Fruit’ was written about the lynchings of black Americans after the Reconstruction and into the 20th Century,” the legendary singer said on SiriusXM.

Springsteen started the show with “41 Shots,” a nearly eight-minute long song that he wrote.

“That song is almost eight minutes long. That’s how long it took George Floyd to die with a Minneapolis officer’s knee buried into his neck,” Springsteen said. “That’s a long time. That’s how long he begged for help and said he couldn’t breathe.”

“The arresting officer’s response was nothing but silence and weight.
Then he had no pulse. And still it went on…May he rest in peace,” he added.

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