Bruce Springsteen Teases ‘Big Surprise’ Coming In 2021

In an interview with SiriusXM‘s “E Street Radio” on New Year’s Eve, Bruce Springsteen said he’s working on a “big surprise” for 2021.

“I have some projects coming up this year that I won’t tell ’cause it’s going to be a secret and then a big surprise,” he told host Jim Rotolo. “But I do have things to keep me busy this year that I’ll be doing that should give the fans something to bide their time with.”

Elaborating further, Springsteen said he looks forward to 2022 for a probable stage return.

“If things go as according to what Dr. Fauci is projecting, as soon as we can, we’ll be out there,” he said. “And that might be 2022, you know, somewhere in the New Year of 2022. So — and I’m completely projecting because no one really knows — but that’s what I think, according to all the information that’s available at this moment.”

Springsteen’s latest album was Letter To You in 2020.

(Photo: Danny Clinch)

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