BTS’ ‘Map Of The Soul ON:E’ Setlist Was Packed With All The Hits

BTS has just given a new meaning to virtual concerts because their Map Of The Soul ON:E performance was totally epic. The guys really went all out for this event and one of the most exciting parts of the night for fans was learning BTS’ Map Of The Soul ON:E setlist. Throughout the whole show, ARMYs were on their toes wondering if their favorite songs would make the line up. Of course, BTS included their biggest hits, but they also performed new tracks from Map of the Soul: 7.

BTS’ Map Of The Soul ON:E virtual concert comes months after the group livestreamed BANG BANG CON: The Live on June 14. The show reached a peak of 756,600 concurrent viewers in 107 countries and territories, breaking a Guinness World Record for the biggest audience for a paid virtual concert. According to Variety, attendance was the equivalent of 15 shows at a 50,000 seat stadium.

With how amazing BANG BANG CON: The Live turned out, ARMYs had even higher expectations for Map Of The Soul ON:E. "We have prepared never-before-seen stages and various setlists for fans who must have felt disappointed by the cancellation of offline concerts due to COVID-19. Some songs will also be given variations across the two days," Big Hit Entertainment teased ahead of the event.

Let me tell you, BTS did not disappoint. The group incorporated huge physical stages and AR and XR technology to give fans an unforgettable experience for each of their performances. Not only that, but BTS gave fans the setlist of their dreams, spanning hits from throughout their years of success.

The first song on the docket was "ON," which has some fans noticing tattoos on J-Hope, though it’s unclear if they were real. Next, the boys played "N.O." from their Japanese album Wake Up, before performing "We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2" and "Intro: Persona."

Their next track was "Boy In Luv" and it was hard not for fans to notice Suga’s exposed forehead, which is a rare sighting, so much that there’s already a YouTube video dedicated to the moment. The boys went on to perform a remix of "Dionysus" before playing "Interlude: Shadow" and "Black Swan." In "Black Swan," Jimin and Jungkook wore sheer shirts and Jimin’s dance solo was a highlight of the performance.

After the incredible dancing in "Black Swan," ARMYs got the first-ever full performance of "Ugh!" and it featured a virtual boxing ring:

Next, BTS performed "Zero O’Clock," and then launched into a string of solo performances for "My Time," "Filter," "Moon," and "Inner Child," the last of which involved a baby version of V on a carousel:

The boys rounded out the night with the tracks "Ego," "Boy With Luv," a virtual reality take on "DNA" and its music video, "Dope," "NO More Dream," "Butterfly," and "Run." The final two songs were "Dynamite," where fans got to see Jimin cry near the end, and "We Are Bulletproof: Eternal."

Fans were so happy at the mix of old favorites from BTS and new tracks off their most recent album MOTS: 7:

TBH, it’s hard to imagine BTS topping the combo of fan-favorite songs, and fans were so happy to see it!

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