Cardi B Pleads for Help Over Acne Breakouts, Kehlani Responds

The ‘WAP’ hitmaker has turned to her online followers for advice amid skincare issues and fellow artist Kehlani recommends an expert who might be able to help the femcee.

AceShowbiz -Rapper Cardi B has turned to fans online for skincare advice after struggling with “uncomfortable” acne breakouts.

The “WAP” hitmaker, who splits her time between homes in Los Angeles, her native New York, and Atlanta, Georgia, posted a close-up snap of her problem skin on Twitter on Monday (25Jan21), and asked for tried and tested product recommendations.

“I need ya help tho….,” she began a series of tweets. “I been breaking out lately and my face is extremely dry. I don’t think these products are working. I think it’s the water out here….. What are some good products for little black heads, break outs and dry skin on your face (sic)?”

She continued, “This is my cheek … It’s been happening for like 3 months now… S**t really is uncomfortable (sic).”

Cardi then responded to those offering up possible solutions, insisting suggestions of Clinique, CeraVe, and Cetaphil cleansers and moisturisers just haven’t worked for her.

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She even sought help from a dermatologist, who suggested she give retinol a try – but the vitamin product left her with a burning sensation and appeared to worsen the condition of her skin, something she was warned about before the three-month process would improve.

“(They) said it will take 3 months but I don’t got time for that and (they) didn’t give me a reason on why I’m breaking out,” she shared. “I never broke out on my cheeks and chin (before) (sic).”

Cardi explained she was desperate to “get to the root of the problem” with a “good dermatologist,” but bemoaned, “I don’t know any.”

Fellow artist Kehlani then weighed in on the conversation, suggesting she reach out to New York-based esthetician Sean Garrette – and the hip-hop star was grateful for the top tip.

“Ok @Kehlani recommended me somebody for my face,” she wrote. “Imma give ya a update in 2 weeks (sic)…”

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