Cardi B Threatens to Harm Blogger and His Family for Posting Her Unflattering Pic

Not happy that the blogger shared a candid photo of her walking without makeup, the ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker demands that the image be taken down with threats of physical harm.

AceShowbizCardi B has once again engaged in a spiteful spat with a blogger. The Bronx femcee is accused of making violent threats against the blogger, who is reported to be going under the name Daily Tea Talks on Instagram, and his family for posting a less than flattering photo of hers.

In a screengrab of her direct messages to the blogger, he tried to explain why he shared the photo, which featured the 27-year-old star walking without makeup or her hair glam in Los Angeles. Insisting that he didn’t mean to troll the raptress, the blogger blamed Nicki Minaj‘s fans for making Cardi feel insulted over the photo.

“Cardi your fanpage sent me that …. literally there was a picture I posted of nicki (minaj) the other day and they was begging me to take it down & I said NO because they always doing it to you,” the blogger claimed. “YOU DONT LOOOK BAD IN THE PICTURE !!!!!!! Why you stay thinking mfs tryna be funny s**t is whack !”

But Cardi didn’t seem to buy it, saying in a fiery audio message, “Stop f**king doing that s**t!” She then threatened to physically harm the blogger, yelling, “Stop playing with me before I find you and get your a** beat the f**k up! Damn!”

In another screengrab of their text conversation, the “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker wrote to the blogger, “Bro you mad f**king weird! Delete that picture. ASAP!!” When the blogger insisted that the picture wasn’t edited and her body looks fine in the photo, the mother of one replied with a threat against the blogger’s mother, “I’m not f**king 5 years old delete that s**t right now n***a. We known where ya motha stays at.”

The blogger has also gone on Instagram Live to talk about his beef with Cardi, claiming that it’s not the first time she antagonized him. “It’s crazy. That is so…crazy,” he said in the video.

Social media users have since weighed in on Cardi’s reported new feud with Daily Tea Talks, slamming her for always picking a fight with bloggers. “She is always fighting bloggers you should know what you signed up for the moment you decided to be a celebrity!” one wrote.

Another thinks the “I Like It” raptress was overreacting, remarking “Damn it’s been 3 years of stardom boo, @iamcardib you gotta learn to get used to it.” Another called out the star, “She’s mentally delayed xx she don’t understand basic things always thinks someone is tryna play her.”

This isn’t the first time Cardi is fighting a blogger. The wife of Offset has been sued by Latasha K after the former sued the blogger for defamation. The rapper took issue with Latasha calling her a prostitute and claiming she had herpes. The blogger countersued Cardi for $1 million, claiming the rapper’s public comments caused her to receive death threats from her fans.

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