Cariol Horne Says George Floyd Case Shows Good Cops Still Afraid to Stop Bad Ones

Cariol Horne — the Buffalo police officer who was fired for trying to stop a chokehold employed by a fellow cop — says George Floyd‘s death demonstrates how fearful police are of crossing the thin blue line … even when they know it’s the right thing to do.

Cariol joined “TMZ Live” Friday on the heels of winning a ruling this week to get her pension and back pay reinstated, after she was fired for the 2006 incident in which she intervened during the arrest of Neal Mack … stopping a white officer from choking him.

Horne tells us she cried for 2 days after Floyd’s death because it didn’t have to happen, but the case brought to light what she dealt with 15 years ago. She adds that it shows there needs to be systemic change in how police behave when they witness brutality among their peers.

She’s already done her part to make it happen, not just with the 2006 incident, but by writing legislation that’s been passed into law in Buffalo which obligates officers to stop police brutality, and legally protects those who do.

It’s called “Cariol’s Law,” and she’s pushing for it to become the norm in the U.S. … so police can actually play their part in ending police brutality.

As for her legal victory this week, Horne believes the current climate factored in … as she says people are finally recognizing that police brutality is simply a progression from the days of slavery and segregation.

Horne says it’s time for it to come to an end, and for everyone to start doing the right thing … and following the golden rule.

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