Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Gifted Her With This Unconventional Christmas Present!

Carrie Underwood‘s husband got her a very odd Christmas present – but it’s exactly what she wanted!

In a recent Instagram Story, Mike Fisher revealed that he was attending a cattle auction to purchase two cows for the 37-year-old country superstar, so they can be added to their growing farm in Nashville.

“He got me cows, which is what I wanted,” Carrie gushed to ET Canada. “They’re my favorite animal. I love them, they make me so happy. I don’t want them for any purpose, just to love them.”

While the 40-year-old retired pro hockey player might have nailed the gift department this Christmas, Carrie admitted she’s not the best at picking out gifts.

“I’m actually not a good gift giver,” Carrie revealed. “I will tell my husband like, ‘Don’t get me anything’ ’cause that means I have to get him something, I’m so awful!”

Carrie did admit that with some more free time on her hands because of the pandemic, Carrie was able to get a jump start on her Christmas preparations this yer.

“This year I feel like Christmas was, I was a little more on point, and had my decorations up earlier, and had my Christmas shopping done earlier cause I actually had time to do it,” Carrie shared before adding, “This year I actually got Mike a present!”

If you missed it, Carrie‘s son Isaiah, 5, wrote a hilarious Christmas list for younger brother Jacob, 23-months!

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