Celebs react to Capitol breach during MAGA rally

“Disgusting.” “Disturbing.” “Violent.” These are just a few words being used by celebrities upon witnessing the breach of the Capitol building on Jan. 6 while politicians were confirming the electoral vote. The pictures and video of the breach, which happened during a pro-President Trump rally, are shocking. “Imagine if this was our side,” Mark Ruffalo tweeted. “There would be rivers of our blood in the streets and not a single one of us would be armed. This has been allowed. #CoupAttempt.” Click through to see how other celebrities are reacting.

“Lock. Them. Up.” –Meghan McCain

“This is horrific. This is Trumpism. This is beyond the pale.” –Sophia Bush

“Can you imagine if the BLM protests stormed the Capitol like this????” –Rachel Lindsay

“Dear GOP, you have given the inmates the asylum. Bravo. You’ve endangered lives and plummeted our Nation into chaos…for a reality TV host… Now…Imagine if they were black,” Josh Gad tweeted, later adding, “The @GOP must be shown the door. We must eradicate this cancer from our politics. There is no more place for this. The Party must be demolished and rebuilt or replaced. It has been radicalized and brainwashed. Today will go down in history. It is frankly the point of no return.”

“This desperate ‘man’ and his silly sheep. Embarrassing.” –Issa Rae

“And with Trumpers storming the Capitol…The Putins Trump experiment continues to exceed all of his expectations” –Colin Hanks

“It’s a good thing this wasn’t a BLM rally or else these [expletive] would have actual riot police to deal with.” –Armie Hammer

“Imagine if that was black protesters that stormed and breached the US Capitol?” –Billy Baldwin

“What the actual f is happening to our country????” –Mira Sorvino

“So when right wing people violently storm the Capitol it’s ok?” — Jonathan Van Ness

“Security beach at Capitol is disgraceful. The president needs to tell everyone to leave the building. Now.” –Laura Ingraham

“Oh god the #MAGAs are storming the Capitol. I’m genuinely worried — that’s a lot of steps to walk up. Their knees and calves must be SCREAMING.” –Patton Oswalt

“Mob of traitors has stormed the Capitol building—broken through the police and are now inside by the doors of the Senate chambers. Police overwhelmed. One was just hit and carried away. WHERE IS THE NATIONAL GUARD? WHERE ARE THE RUBBER BULLETS? WHY IS THIS MOB NOT BEING ARRESTED?” –Michael Moore

“What you are seeing play out on television is why white nationalist terrorism was declared the greatest threat to our country. It is.” –Yvette Nicole Brown

“This is absolutely insane” –Padma Lakshmi

“I have never seen anything like this. This is unconscionable and dangerous.” –Lynda Carter

“The Republican party had turned this country into a banana republic. Everyone who voted for Trump and these anarchists & fascists should hold their head in shame today. This is sedition and treason. #repent” –Carole Radziwill

“Why aren’t the police ARRESTing them. If they were black they would be shot already.” –Debra Messing

“This is an attempted coup to keep a reality tv star in power,” Alyssa Milano tweeted, later adding, “WHY ARE PEOPLE SURPRISED THIS IS HAPPENING? WE’VE BEEN TELLING YOU FOR MONTHS THAT HE WAS INCITING VIOLENCE.”

“So let help me understand when there are peaceful protestors like BLM we are met with tear gas but when there are death threats to our public servants ,senators , congress our democracy there is none ?” –Rosanna Arquette

“Let’s just remind ourselves that @realDonaldTrump is definitely smiling about this right now. where’s that ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts’ or ‘MARTIAL LAW’ energy now, donald?” –Dylan Minnette

“This never happened during Viet Nam protests. Trump could put a stop to it, but he won’t. He’s disgraceful in every way.” –Joy Behar

“guns drawn in the chamber … smdh …” –Don Cheadle

“This is on ALL OF THEM. Trump and every one of those senators and congressmen and women who are objecting today. The destruction of the Capitol is on YOU.” –Kevin McHale

“What we are witnessing, rabid, violent mobs storming the Capitol to overturn legitimate election results, this is precisely the kind of thing that happens in Cuba and Venezuela where lawless dictators send rapid response brigades to intimidate and attack political opponents.” –Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

“This mob at the capitol is domestic terrorism… where are the people sad about the ‘riots’ breaking store windows, are they upset right now?” –Natalie Morales

“There are terrorists taking over the capitol building of the united states.” –Timothy Simons

“So, Trump tweeted something now. Which is good. He had to wait until AFTER his followers had pushed past police and entered the Capitol building and there was a face off with guns, but, you know, okay.” –James Gunn

“Brought to you by Republican cowardice.” –Jim Gaffigan

“Peaceful BLM protesters get rubber bullets, tear gas and knocked to the ground. Trump protesters are allowed to breach the stairs.” –Janet Hubert

“These are Trump thugs fighting the police right now. Why isn’t trump telling them to ‘stand back’ or STAND DOWN? Because he loves the chaos.” –Jillian Barberie

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