Chadwick Boseman Got Emotional Speaking About Two ‘Black Panther’ Fans With Terminal Cancer in 2018 Interview

Another interview of Chadwick Boseman‘s is going viral after he got emotional while speaking about the impact of Black Panther on legions of fans, even those who are terminally ill.

While speaking with his cast mates, the late actor got teary while talking about two particular fans who he was told were “hanging on” for the purpose of seeing the movie when it came out in theaters.

It was just revealed that Chadwick was battling stage four colon cancer when the interview took place. He died on Friday.

“Two little kids Ian and Taylor who recently passed from cancer and throughout our filming I was communicating with them knowing that they were both terminal and what they said to me is and their parents said they just they’re trying to hold on till this movie comes [out],” Chadwick shared.

He went on, saying that “knowing that that will be something meaningful to them but it’s to a certain degree it’s a humbling experience because you like this can mean that much to them you know but seeing how the world has taken is on see how the movement is how it’s taking on a life of its own.”

“I realized that they anticipated something great and I think back now to a kid and just you know waiting for Christmas to come waiting for my birthday to come or I’m waiting for a toy that was going to that…I did live life waiting for those moments and so it put me back in the mind of being a kid just just to experience those two little boys’ anticipation of this movie.”

Watch the interview below:

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