Chanelle Hayes shares snap of horrible cuts and bruises obtained from weight loss surgery which helped her shed seven stone

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She may have lost seven stone after undergoing a gastric sleeve operation, but Chanelle Hayes has revealed that the op left her with many nasty cuts and bruises.

The former Big Brother star shared a snap of the painful aftermath while doing a Q&A on Instagram Stories on Thursday evening.

One curious fan asked the 33 year old: "Was your surgery a really painful experience and what was the pain like afterwards?"

She then shared a picture of her incisions and replied: "The only painful bit was the gas they pump into you but that would be the same for any form of laparoscopic surgery."

"Actually… I had a hiatal hernia repair because they found a huge one when operating so swallowing hurt a little, again though that wasn't the actual weight loss surgery just the other stuff he fixed at the same time."

Adding an arrow to several extremely painful-looking bruises, Chanelle added: "Injecting myself wasn't nice though for the following few weeks."

Despite the cuts and bruises, it's evident that the TV star is more than pleased with her weight loss following the procedure.

On Wednesday, she showed off her seven stone weight loss in new before and after Instagram photos with her arms held up to show off her progress.

Chanelle's pictures show her dressed in underwear, with her hair tied up to show the extent of her transformation.

Writing above the image, Chanelle explained she weighed 242lbs (17 stone) in the first image and 141lbs (10 stone) in the second photo.

She wrote a lengthy caption on the five lessons she has learned since her surgery.

Chanelle revealed that her operation has "not changed her relationship food". She added the op is a "tool" that if it isn't used "consistently and correctly it will fail".

She added the second lesson was "not everyone will understand my choice and that's ok because it is MY journey".

Chanelle said she also sees exercise "differently" and shared her next lesson was that "weight looks different on everybody".

Finally, the reality star said she feels she has "grown as a person" on her journey. She told fans: "I have been every size you can think of and can empathise with the issues that come with them all.

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