Check Out All the Marvel Easter Eggs Hidden in the Trailer for Episode 2 of Loki<\/em>

Marvel Studios and Disney+ have dropped a new trailer for the second episode of the MCU spinoff show Loki, which sees Thor’s brother, the God of Mischief played by Tom Hiddleston, ejected from his own timeline and forced to cooperate with the mysterious TVA, a vast time-traveling bureaucracy. And just as was the case in the first episode “Glorious Purpose,” it looks like future episodes of Loki will be crammed with Easter eggs, plot clues, and of course, massive red herrings.

In one moment, we see Loki back in his full “finest Asgardian leather” getup, repeating part of what is rapidly becoming his on-screen catchphrase: “glorious.” In the background of that shot is a multi-faceted mirror. Eagle-eyed fans on the Emergency Awesome channel correctly identified this as the mirror previously shown in Tony Stark’s apartment at Avengers Tower in The Avengers and Avengers: Endgame, meaning the show is likely to revisit the events of those films yet again.

The trailer also includes footage of Loki chasing his cloaked opponent (presumably an alternate Loki, perhaps even Lady Loki herself) through a Walmart-style store called Roxxcart. This can safely be assumed to be a subsidiary of Roxxon, a giant and frequently shady corporation in the Marvel universe which has been obliquely referenced in multiple films and TV shows already, including Iron Man 3, Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD, Cloak & Dagger and Daredevil.

The clip also features what looks like a return to the Asgardian throne room, most prominently seen in Thor and Thor: The Dark World before being destroyed in the climax of Thor: Ragnarok. Whether this is simply more recycled footage from those movies, in the vein of those This Is Your Life clips Mobius played in episode one, or new footage, remains to be seen.

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