Chelsea Houska Fans Are Shocked By Latest Photo of Daughter Aubree: What Happened to Her!

It’s been about six months since we learned that Chelsea Houska would be quitting Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea is the most popular mom in the TM universe, so the news was not well-received by fans — many of whom feared that they would no longer be able to keep up with the latest developments in Chelsea’s life.

Fortunately, that hasn’t been a problem.

Chelsea is just as active as ever on social media, and she’s been offering frequent updates for fans who wish to remain in the know.

So what exactly is going on in the Houska family’s world?

Well, the growing season is upon, so you can be sure the outdoorsy clan is spending plenty of time in nature.

And it’s not just the crops that are growing at an alarming rate.

Chelsea’s kids are getting older by the day, and some fans are shocked by the breakneck speed with which they’re inching up on adolescence.

It might be a while before the Chelsea and her family return to television (though Houska has indicated that that will happen eventually), but this week, the mother of four answered two of fans’ most common questions with one post.

Her followers seem to always be curious about how 11-year-old Aubree is doing, and what steps Chelsea is taking to supplement her income after she and Cole walked away from the estimated $800,000 a year they were making on TM2.

And now we know.

Chelsea posted the photo below on Thursday, along with an illuminating caption:

“Tell me you’re the coolest kid ever…without TELLING me you’re the coolest kid ever,” she wrote.

“There’s limited stock left of these ‘Lil Aubree’ sunglasses that we created with @diffeyewear ! Shop our mommy and me collection with the link in my bio!”

Yes, it seems Lil Aubree has officially entered the influencer game with her own pair of signature sunglasses.

Of course, fans were less interested in the middle-schoolers endorsement deal than they were in her grown-up appearance.

Teen Mom 2 fans have been watching Chelsea’s life unfold since the days when she was pregnant with Aubree.

And commenters just couldn’t get over the fact that the baby they know from the show’s first season is now the young woman they see before them.

“She’s getting so big,” one fan wrote.

“So cool and grown,” another added.

“She’s so big and beautiful,” a third follower chimed in.

“She is so grown up and a very cool young lady!!!” yet another person observed.

“All grown up! Wow,” a fifth person succinctly stated, accorded to UK tabloid The Sun.

Obviously, Aubree’s maturity didn’t come as a total shock, as fans have been observing the girl’s progress for over a decade.

But we imagine the feeling they’re experiencing is similar to the one you feel when we see a younger relative for the first time in several years.

It’s amazing how quickly kids grow up.

And for millions of Teen Mom 2 viewers, Chelsea and her husband and kids feel just like family.

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