Chelsea Houska Gets Slammed By Fans For Botched Plastic Surgery: Wha Happened to Her Face?!

For years, Chelsea Houska reigned supreme as the most popular member of the Teen Mom franchise.

That all changed when Chelsea unexpectedly quit the show last year.

Obviously, she no longer qualifies as a Teen Mom star, and some fans expressed anger or concern over Houska’s decision to quit.

But the vast majority wished her all the best, and they check in social media frequently to make sure she’s maintained her health and happiness.

Unfortunately, many felt that Chelsea’s latest post was reason for concern.

Unlike so many (or all) of her Teen Mom colleagues, Chelsea has never gone under the knife for invasive plsstic surgery.

But she has undergone cosmetic surgeries in the form of fillers and injections.

And apparently, Instagram commenters think her latest pic (above) is evidence that Chelsea has gone too far.

On Reddit, fans cracked jokes and expressed concerns about they feel is evidence of a botched lip job.

“[Her] lips looked really tastefully done in the beginning. Now they are getting the botched filler look. She needs to stop now,” one person wrote.

“I think her lip filler has spread from behind the boundaries of her lips,” another added.

“Ooof. That lip line looks blown out. Lumpy lips. Lumpy face,” a third chimed in.

Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, is a dentist, and in one of the strangest loopholes in the world of medicine, dentists are allowed to provide Botox treatment for cosmetic purposes.

In a 2016 Instagram post, Chelsea revealed that Randy is the one who puffs up her lips, and it seems he doesn’t make her come into the office for treatments.

“Daddy housbucks must’ve been making house calls this weekend,” one redditor wrote.

“This is why I don’t think dentists should be able to offer filler. Botox for medical reasons? Yeah sure, but filler….come on,” another added.

To be fair, Chelsea lives in rural South Dakota, so she probably doesn’t have many options with regard cosmetic treatments.

And the fact that Randy seems to offer his services for free probably doesn’t hurt either.

It’s also worth noting that if Chelsea took the photo within a few hours of receiving treatment, she may have still been experiencing some swelling.

Whatever the case, fillers are only temporary, and we’re sure she’ll back to her usual, flawless self in no time.  

And her large and loyal, fan base will be there to singe her praises no matter what she does.

Of course, not everyone is loving Chelsea’s domestic life in the country these days.

Teen Mom 2 ratings are at an all-time low, and many are convinced that Chelsea’s departure is the primary cause of the precipitous decline.

There have been demands for a spin-off featuring Chelsea and her family, but if that ever happens, it’s likely a long way off.

Besides, right now it seems that Chelsea is enjoying every second of her serene new light.

And comments like the ones her so-called fans posted on her pic probably serve to remind her exactly why she quit in the first place.

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