Chipotle Burrito Changes the World in Super Bowl Commercial 2021 – Watch Now!

Chipotle shows the power of burritos in their new 2021 Super Bowl commercial!

The commercial starts off with a young boy asking his sister if she thinks his burrito could change the world. When she tells him it can’t, he begins imagining exactly how much impact a burrito could have on agriculture.

“It could change how we plant things and grow things,” he narrates over footage of farmers. “And improve the dirt where we grow those things.”

He explains how a burrito could alter the process of watering, picking and transporting food. “It could make us more responsible, and sustainable,” he says.

As he sits in the back of a pick up truck, the boy concludes that by being more organic and more real, a burrito can definitely be world-changing.

Check out the full commercial below!

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