Chris Brown Sued Over Cleaning Lady Getting Bitten by His Dog

A cleaning woman is taking Chris Brown to court, because she claims one of his dogs got a hold of her sister’s limbs … which sounds like one bloody mess in a lawsuit she’s filed.

The woman’s name is Patricia Avila, and in docs, obtained by TMZ, she explains she and her sister had been hired by Chris to clean his Tarzana home twice a week for a rate of $600 a day.

She goes on to say they were aware Chris had dogs in the house, but insists they’d always been kept in a separate part of the property whenever they came over to do their work. That is, until one day she claims one of them made its way to the backyard.

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This is where things got violent, according to Avila … who’s alleging a harrowing dog attack from Chris’ Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka. In the suit, she claims the dog — a very large breed — has a history of being violent and aggressive toward people.

Anyway, Avila claims that her sister went out to the backyard to empty a vacuum … and before she knew it, the animal was on top of her sister and tearing her body to shreds, ripping 3 to 4 inches of skin off her arm … and allegedly bit her face and leg as well.

Eventually, she says they were able to get the dog off her sister … and Chris was apparently the one who called 9-1-1. Avila says she thought her sister was going to die from the blood loss.

Avila says her sister was transported to a hospital and treated for several days … undergoing at least a couple surgeries. Since then, she alleges the ordeal caused her a lot of emotional distress — including PTSD, severe anxiety, and panic attacks.

She’s suing Chris for and asking for damages, claiming he failed to protect her from the unreasonable risk of harm from the dog. Important to note that Avila is NOT the alleged bite victim … and it’s unclear if her sister is filing a separate suit.

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