Chris Cornell’s Widow Files Lawsuit Against Soundgarden Over Buyout Offer

Chris Cornell‘s widow Vicky has filed a lawsuit against the members of Soundgarden. She has asked a federal judge to decide the worth of the former Soundgarden frontman’s interest in the band after she was offered a “ludicrously low” buyout offer.

Vicky, who in 2019 had sued the band over royalties and the rights to seven unreleased songs, filed a new lawsuit seeking a federal Judge to value Cornell’s interest in the band, as well as its related properties, after she was offered a $300,000 buyout.

According to Vicky, the filling was “necessitated by the self-serving and heartless actions of the remaining members of the band Soundgarden, who are seeking to rob from their former bandmate, Chris Cornell, his wife, and their minor children, Chris’ legacy and life’s worth, which has made them millions of dollars.”

She also added that “the band members have knowingly offered only an infinitesimal fraction of the true worth of Chris’ interest in Soundgarden and certain related entities by making a ludicrously low offer. And, they know it.”

The lawsuit also alleges that the buyout offer “does not amount to the royalties that Vicky received from Soundgarden’s master recordings in 2018 alone.”

The complaint added that Soundgarden made their buyout offer to Cornell after receiving an offer from a music investor, who offered to purchase Soundgarden’s master recordings alone for $16 million.

“Defendants’ buyout offer ascribed little to zero value to future merchandise and tour earnings despite the increase of widespread public interest in the Band since Chris’ passing, as is often the case when a musician of Chris’ iconic stature passes away,” Vicky added. “A good-faith valuation would account for the significant revenues to be earned from the Band’s merchandise sales and account for the lucrative, nostalgia-fueled projects that follow the passing of rock and roll icons.”

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