Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ talks mild dyslexia diagnosis after word mix-up on-air

Chris Evans says that he has mild dyslexia

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Chris Evans, 55, briefly touched on his mild dyslexia condition on Tuesday mornings show, after he struggled to get the right words out. Blaming the slip-up on the learning disorder, the presenter wasn’t afraid to talk about it on-air.

I do have mild dyslexia

Chris Evans

While he and his co-stars Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne discussed cookery shows in America, Chris accidentally said 22oz steak instead of 24.

“That’s my dyslexia kicking in,” he shrugged.

“I do have mild dyslexia… why would I say 22?”

Chuckling, he poked fun at his mistake: “Obviously it’s 24!”

It’s not the first time Chris has opened up about his retained reflexes in the past, and revealed that his eight-year-old son Eli was also diagnosed with the condition, following problems with reading and writing.

Retained reflexes are present in the first to second year of our lives and are then meant to filter away once they’ve been inhabited, as we develop other responses.

He previously gushed over finding what he believes is a “miracle treatment”, helped Eli immensely.

The presenter said at the time: “I’ve been thinking of talking about this on the radio for a while,” before revealing Eli had made huge progress in his cognitive development at school.

“Eli has gone from, in a year of doing this – from not being able to read – to four stages above his expected reading level for his age,” the host exclaimed.

“He can also do joint up writing, he reads books now for fun, his whole personality has changed. He’s become less anxious and it’s all because of this. I know that not many people know about it.”

The DJ revealed that in order to encourage this growth, Eli had to do 10 minutes of exercises twice a day.

“You can’t do [the exercises] haphazardly because you have to change this wiring of your brain and your brain has to get fed up with the onslaught that you’re confronting with every day.

The Virgin Radio DJ received a glowing reaction from listeners when he spoken about it on his breakfast show, with many texting in their own experiences and how his son’s story had touched home for them.

Rachel read out some texts, saying: “Claire says, Chris, this retained reflexes is fascinating stuff. I’m a teacher who has supported struggling readers for years and this is revolutionary.

“Thanks for sharing your personal experience with Eli. Go. Eli, you are amazing,” she read.

“And oh my God, Chris, I’m so happy you’ve spoken about retained reflexes this morning. I took my 16-year-old daughter to a clinic in February. She was having very dark thoughts. The changes in 10 months are amazing. She’s gone from not wanting to go to school to now loving it.”

The team must have been very pleased with the feedback they received, and hopefully Chris’ heartwarming experience with retained reflexes will help others suffering with the same condition.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays on Virgin Radio at 6:30am.

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