Chris Marek Sells Home for HUGE Profit: I’m Ready to Marry Amy!

Amy Roloff is happily engaged to Chris Marek, who has helped her settle in and decorate her new home for the holidays.

Things are getting even more serious — and Chris just sold his bachelor pad for a massive pile of cash.

Recently, Amy showed us all a look at Chris helping her to hang up decorations for Christmas, one of her favorite holidays of the year.

This wasn’t just a sweet gesture between partners — Amy is disabled while Chris is within the average height range.

She had no place climbing up an aluminum ladder that isn’t designed with her body type in mind. Chris did a good thing by hanging the lights himself.

But Chris wasn’t just doing a favor for his beloved fiancee.

He is preparing to move in with her — and they’re looking to get married some time next year.

(The COVID-19 pandemic has really made things incredibly difficult for a lot of people’s plans … except for some absolute monsters endangering their loved ones instead of postponing)

Now, Chris has sold his home … for a steep price.

His three-bedroom, two-bathroom Oregon home was up on the housing market for all of three days.

Chris himself acted as his own real estate agent for the sale.

His asking price for the residence was $430,000.

It sold for $460,000 in such a short amount of time.

That is, for those of you who don’t love doing math, $30,000 above his asking price.

There’s more to it.

Back in 2003, he bought the house for just $168,000, before the housing market was the unwinnable nightmare that it is today.

That is, again for the math-reluctant among us, a profit of $292,000 — when not adjusted for inflation.

That is a tidy profit, which is relevant not only to Chris but to how fans may perceive him.

For the longest time, a vocal minority of Amy’s most intense fans have considered Chris’ intentions to be dubious at best.

He’s been called a creep, a fame-seeker, and worse for his relationship with Amy.

But maybe as fans see that Chris is doing very well for himself, selling his home for nearly half a million dollars, they could adjust their view.

Don’t get us wrong, Amy is worth more than $4 million according to online estimates, thanks to her business and creative projects and to her reality TV career (and her portion of the farm).

That said, Chris isn’t hurting for cash and clearly has no need to “use” anyone, Amy included, in order to live comfortably. He’s already doing that.

Moving in together is a huge step for couples of any age. Younger couples are still figuring things out, older couples may be set in their ways.

For Amy and Chris, this represents not only a relationship milestone, but a huge step for Amy.

She spent years living alone in the house on Roloff Farms. Before that, she’d spent decades with Matt. This is new territory for her — and it’s exciting for them both!

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