Chris Rock said he told Cardi B to throw rapping aside so she could pursue a career in comedy

  • Chris Rock said he tried to get Cardi B to pursue a career in comedy instead of music, and even pitched a comedy show involving the rapper to a major network. 
  • "My kids showed me this Cardi B girl, and she didn't have a record out or anything," Rock told Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on "The Tonight Show." 
  • "And I was like, 'We should go show it to,' I'm not even gonna say what network," Rock continued. "So I went — me, Cardi B, and her management — to kind of get a show going." 
  • "It just never happened," the comedian said. "But she told me about her rap at the time, and I was like 'Yeah, yeah, that's good. You're a comedy star.'" 
  • The anecdote ended with both Rock and Fallon praising Cardi B's comedic abilities. You can watch the clip below, starting at the 7:00 mark. 
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