Chrishell Stause BLASTS Christine Quinn: I’m Not a Victim! You’re a LOSER!

Everyone is feeling sympathy after hearing that Chrishell Stause learned about her own divorce via text.

… Well, almost everyone. Christine Quinn is dragging her Selling Sunset frenemy.

Christine Quinn is once again speaking out of turn about Chrishell Stause’s divorce.

This week, she spoke to Amanda Hirsh on her Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast from Dear Media.

There, she says that Christine is “always the victim” in a shady and scathing remark that reached the ears of Chrishell.

Chrishell found out what Christine said and posted a screenshot of the quoted words to her Instagram Story.

“Not a victim, never have been,” Chrishell affirms.

In contrast, she says, “I am a victor of many things and thriving.”

“I can’t wait for you to get there,” Chrishell adds, directing her comments at Christine.

She continues: “So you can stop with this nonsense.”

This is, of course, not the first time that Christine has wedged her way into the conversation of Chrishell’s fallen marriage.

Earlier this summer, Christine spoke about Chrishell’s divorce.

“We all just thought maybe they were having communication problems for a while,” she claimed.

“We heard that they were in therapy,” Christine added, “so obviously there were some issues going on with them.”

Chrishell was, obviously, appalled at this.

“I just learned Christine is giving press ‘information’ about my divorce,” she tweeted at the time.

She wanted the world to know that Christine didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Let me be VERY clear,” Chrishell asserted, “She knows absolutely nothing about the situation and is obviously desperate to gain attention by doing so.”

“Anything from her is either a complete lie,” she stated, “or total conjecture on her part.”

Wow! Chrishell is not mincing words at all.

Christine has stressed that she was not, allegedly, trying to insult or demean Chrishell.

She insists that she was just trying to answer questions “in a very nice respectful way.”

And yet, seconds later, she spins it around.

Christine accuses Chrishell of trying to micromanage the narrative.

“She’s trying to, you know, have this portrayal of Justin Hartley being such a bad guy and just walking out on her,” Christine notes.

She adds: “I’ve met him and he was nice to me.”

Christine explains: “And that’s what the interviewer asked me and that’s what I was going off of.”

We’re not bashing Justin in any way, but … Christine does know that how someone acts towards a stranger doesn’t define how they act during a divorce, right?

“I thought maybe she got mad,” Christine shaded, “that I was saying he’s a nice guy.”

It is entirely possible for both parties to be good people in a divorce who simply did not mesh.

We can read between the lines of Chrishell’s tearful statements and infer that, perhaps, Justin Hartley was tired of drama and arguments and simply decided to call it quits.

That doesn’t mean that Chrishell doesn’t have the right to feel sad and hurt and confused. But maybe that’s just part of the process. Nobody has to be a villain … that’s Christine’s job.

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