Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner are launching a cleaning product line

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Oh look at that, Kris Jenner has something else to sell us. Phew, I was so afraid she’d be bored after the show ended. This time, Kris is pairing up with family friend and confidante, Chrissy Teigen. They’re launching a plant-powered cleaning line named Safely that’s so clean, you can wash your hands with it. However, to make sure they double their cash off us, they are also adding hand soap, lotion and sanitizers alongside their glass cleaners, counter scrubbers and other home polishing products. Each product, in addition to being safe and sanitizing, will feature natural aromatherapy scents.

Kris Jenner and Chrissy Teigen are going into business together!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 65, and the Cravings cookbook author, 35, are joining forces with Good American co-founder/CEO Emma Grede to release a line of plant-powered home cleaning and self-care products called Safely, PEOPLE can exclusively announce.

The collection will include products such as hand cream, hand soap, hand sanitizer, glass cleaner, a universal cleaner and more. Launching on Thursday, Safely is “dedicated to clean cleaning with natural aromatherapy scents,” the company shares in a press release. Prices have not yet been announced.

A hilarious video introducing the brand, above, shows Jenner and Teigen coming up with the eco– and family-friendly concept in a slap-happy brainstorming session.

Safely will be available for purchase at starting March 25.

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Unfortunately, we can’t believe a word People says about the product if they’re claiming the promotional video with Chrissy and Kris is “hilarious.” CB warned me it was bad before I watched it and I still wasn’t prepared for exactly how stupid it was. The promo, which is posted below, is Chrissy pitching her product ideas to Kris. They’re all beyond ludicrous, which is funny, you see, because Kris went into the meeting “hoping Chrissy’s ideas aren’t really dumb.” Get it? Ouch, my sides. To combat the subtle humor of Chrissy’s vapidity, Kris repeatedly violently assaults her with a slapping tool she’s constructed with a fake hand and a long dowel. Chrissy finally tires of the smacking and shouts that she just wanted a place she, “could come and pitch (her) ideas safely.” Kris is inspired to create to afore mentioned cleaning line and to call it Safely, thus giving full credit to Chrissy, who declares herself a genius and that she’s “Alfred Einstein,” repeating the name Alfred Einstein on loop, as if somehow maybe we didn’t get the joke the first four times. Again, folks, this is to introduce plant-based cleaning and self-care products.

There are no previews of the products on yet, just the chance to sign up for the wait list. I don’t hate the product idea, to be honest. I’m intrigued by aromatherapy scents in my cleaning products, if they actually clean. I tend to use such harsh chemicals, I need to switch to plant or natural products anyway. But what do Kris Jenner or Chrissy Teigen have to do with cleaning products? The self-care I get. Both have lathered themselves top to bottom but I don’t believe for a second that these ladies are scrubbing their stoves on a Saturday morning. Chrissy could’ve made a nice tie-in with her cooking. The promo might show her washing a dish that she then cooks one of her recipes in, with her voice over saying she only uses natural products because of who eats from these pots and pans. Cut to a shot of her kids taking forkfuls from the same dish, now with cooked recipe in it. But no, they chose idiocy and violence to promotes health and saving the earth. Brilliant.

No word on price points yet. I can promise you I won’t be able to afford it. I guess I’ll have to sneak into Target or wherever they’re selling it to give them a sniff. Here the promo video, in case you need to see it for yourself:

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