Chrissy Teigen Got Her Nose Pierced, But Something Went Wrong

Chrissy Teigen is currently on vacation with her family in St. Barts and she decided to get her nose pierced, but something went wrong.

The 35-year-old entertainer and chef took to Twitter to show off a photo of the piercing and then revealed what happened after the piercing artist left.

“So I did this today and it immediately fell out and healed the second she left because she did it wrong lmao,” Chrissy said.

She continued, “Like how do you do it wrong? It’s a hole, through the nose. It’s like jerry seinfeld‘s bobsledding joke. It’s impossible to do wrong.”

Chrissy later followed up, “It’s out and healed you don’t have to keep being assholes thanks I’ll do it better next time for you I promise!! U sweet little angels never cease to surprise me.”

During the trip, Chrissy and husband John Legend were photographed having some fun on a yacht and showing off their beach bodies.

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