Chrissy Teigen Thinks Trader Joe’s Is ‘Weird and Creepy’ but Still Loves a Certain Cult Favorite

Chrissy Teigen isn’t afraid to share her opinion about anything. The outspoken supermodel and cookbook author has an impressive social media following with fans hanging on to her every word. She even managed to get someone fired without really trying.

Teigen has definitepreferences when it comes to food. And it should come as a surprise to noone that the 34-year-old mom made some scathing comments about one popular grocerystore that most people love.

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Chrissy Teigen had some harsh words for Trader Joe’s

She’s down-to-earth enough to do her own grocery shopping. ButTeigen doesn’t frequent the California-based neighborhood grocery store favorite,Trader Joe’s.

Teigen revealed her aversions during a Twitter exchange with a follower, Refinery 29 reported. After revealing that she cooked her daughter a turkey meatloaf from a Whole Foods recipe, a fan replied, “Whole Foods always makes you feel healthy and weird. That should be their slogan.”

But Teigen took a surprising stance. She replied, “Trader Joe’s takes the chia cake for gross and weird grocery stores.”

She followed that up with another dig. “I can’t tell who is an employee and who is a customer at Trader Joe’s or Southwest Airlines,” she quipped.

There’s one product Chrissy Teigenloves at Trader Joe’s

Though she feels no love for the store overall, there is one product from Trader Joe’s that Teigen does stock in her insanely organized pantry. She revealed this favorite item after an April Fool’s article tricked her and plenty of other people into believing that Trader Joe’s was shutting down all their stores.

“I want to be sad about Trader Joe’s but that place was always weird and creepy too me. Except their cookie butter,” she tweeted.

Upon realizing the store closure was a joke, she quickly changed her attitude. “F*cking shit, it is an April fool’s joke,” she wrote, followed by, “Now I hate Trader Joe’s even more,” and “I always feel like they can sense my uncomfortableness there.”

Teigen likes a bunch of unique foods

Her Trader Joe’s cookie butter obsession is one of many. Otherunique foods Teigen adores include hot sauces, pickled peppers, and lotsof spicy foods. She may be a cookbook author and home chef, but she’s notabove indulging in some fast food when the craving hits. Teigen apparentlyloves Doritos Locos tacos from Taco Bell.

“I eat fast food a few times a week,” she told Delish in a 2017interview. “Sometimes I go a little crazy, especially when things get nuts andI’m in L.A. I’m used to living in New York and I myself would never everventure into a Taco Bell or McDonald’s. But there’s something about L.A., withthe drive-thru — it’s too easy.”

One particularly grosssnack habit Teigen has is licking the seasoning off chips and putting themback in the bag to help limit her carb intake. “I lick off the nacho cheeseseasoning and put the chips back in the bag. You still get all the flavor, notall the carbs!” she told Delish.

Hey, whatever works! As long as she doesn’t have to venture toTrader Joe’s, Teigen is game.

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