Christopher Lloyd Net Worth and How He Became Famous

ChristopherLloyd is best known for his starring role in the Back to the FutureFranchise. Here’s a look at his career, net worth, and how he became famous.

Christopher Lloyd’s movies and TV shows

Christopher Lloyd made his film debut in the 1975 movie OneFlew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He played the role of Taber. The followingyear, he appeared in the television mini-series The Adams Chronicles. Lloydrose to fame after joining the cast of Taxi in 1978 as a series regular.He played the role of Reverend Jim Ignatowski for 84 episodes until the showended in 1983.

Lloyd delighted TV fans after his recent appearance on the NCISSeason 17 finale. He gave a gripping performance as Joseph Smith in an episodetitled “The Arizona.”

Christopher Lloyd in ‘Back to the Future’

Lloyd became a household name after starring in the hit 1985film Back to the Future alongside actor Michael J. Fox. He played therole of Dr. Emmett Brown. Lloyd reprised his role in the 1989 sequel, Backto the Future Part II. The following year, Back to the Future Part IIIwas released.

The franchise became so popular that a Back to the Futuretelevision show was created. The series aired from 1991 to 1992. There was alsoa video game based on the movie that was released in 2004. Lloyd provided thevoice for Dr. Brown. Additional games were released in 2011 and 2015.

Christopher Lloyd’s highest-grossing films

As of this writing, Lloyd’s highest-grossing film is Backto the Future, which had more than $385 million in worldwide box officeearnings. This includes more than $212 million at the domestic box office and morethan $173 million internationally.

Lloyd’s second highest-grossing film is Who Framed RogerRabbit? This movie earned more than $351 million in worldwide box-office earnings,with more than $154 million at the domestic box office and more than $197million at the international box office. Other top earners are Back to theFuture Part II (more than $332 million in worldwide box office earnings) andBack to the Future Part III (more than $244 million in worldwide boxoffice earnings).

Christopher Lloyd’s awards

Lloyd has received many recognitions throughout his career.Back in 1973, he received a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Performance for Kaspar.He also received an Obie award. In 1983 and 1992, Lloyd was given a PrimetimeEmmy Award for Outstanding Performing Actor in a Comedy Series for his role in Taxi.He received another Primetime Emmy Award in 1992 for Road to Avonlea.

Christopher Lloyd’s net worth

As of this writing, Christopher Lloyd has a net worth of $40million, according to CelebrityNet Worth estimates.

What’s next for Christopher Lloyd

Lloyd has plenty of projects to keep him busy. Next, he’sslated to appear in Time, The Fourth Dimension. After that, he will playStanley Bottoms in Super Athlete. Next year, Lloyd will appear in Nobody.Other projects he’s expected to appear in are Tankhouse, SeniorMoment, and Never Too Late.

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