Corrie’s Matthew Marsden sparks backlash as he urges fans not to get tested for Covid

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Matthew Marsden, who appeared in Coronation Street between 1997 and 1998 as Chris Collins, has been vocal about being an anti-vaxxer, claiming that the vaccines on offer are just a “chemical”. Social media users have since branded him a “danger to the health and life of others”.

You are a danger to the health, safety and lives of all humans.

Matthew, 48, who turned his back on the Weatherfield soap before eyeing up a career in Hollywood, has vocally been against lockdowns and added that people should rally behind “personal liberty”.

Taking to his Twitter page in view of his 26,600 followers, Matthew penned: “It should not be controversial for someone to advocate for a person’s right to choose whether or not they should be injected with a chemical.

“Personal liberty should be something everyone should get behind.

“The inconsistency in which it is applied by some, is staggering.”

He later went on to share a news article claiming that staying two metres apart from other people in a bid to contain the virus “does almost nothing” to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

Alongside the article, he wrote: “And here it comes.”

Another tweet saw Matthew share an extract from the British Medical Journal suggesting that studies discovered that there was “no evidence” that those who test positive for Covid asymptomatically can transmit the virus.

He penned: “Fancy that. But yeah, let’s move forward spending millions on tests… So we can ‘save the NHS’.”

Marsden later went on to add: “People calling for the testing of people that have no symptoms of a virus are out of their minds.”

Hitting out at the government, Matthew believes that the three national lockdowns “ruined” the nation’s way of living, as the government attempted to “protect” the NHS.

While the government says that everybody, other than those who are exempt, must wear a face covering, Matthew tweeted: ” I am so sick of this mask BS. The truth is, is that they aren’t effective at stopping transmission of the virus, and what is worse is that power-hungry people are using them to punish others.

“I hate it. The draconian measures that are being enforced should alarm everyone.”

However, his posts have been met with fury, as one follower responded: “Wrong! It goes on forever if we don’t test. Captain sensible here is yet to figure that out…I doubt if he ever will to be fair.

“It must be difficult as a wealthy actor, having to sit at home as poor people die. My heart goes out to him.”

A second Twitter user went on to add: “Actor, producer, singer and former model… I don’t see MD or any other credential that qualifies you to speak on this topic. You are a danger to the health, safety and lives of all humans.”

In regards to Matthew’s anger towards vaccination passports, a Twitter user replied: “Yes how offensive, that someone might actually carry a document that says they are unlikely to unintentionally do something that results in a strangers death? Funny how some people view being considerate of others as an oddity. Who is us? Stay Safe.”(sic)

In the UK, it is believed that around 33.7 million people have received their first dosage of a vaccine, while 12.8 million have received their second vaccine.

Currently, England is on track to end some restrictions on May 17, with restaurants and bars being allowed to welcome customers indoors, with a full end to restrictions estimated to be implemented on June 21.

Boris Johnson has since said there is still a “very good chance” to lift all restrictions in June, should infection rates continue to fall.

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