Counting On Season 11 Trailer: Jinger Is Pregnant! Jana Is STILL Single!

Well, another season of Counting On is upon us.

And once again the Duggars are offering up all kinds of wholesome hijinx to mask the grim realities of life in TV’s most famous family of fundamentalists.

The new trailer for the upcoming season is receiving a very warm welcome from fans, as it was preceded by months of rumors that Counting On had been canceled.

Now, not only do we know that Counting On Season 11 is happening, it looks as though the Duggars refused to allow the coronavirus pandemic to delay production.

That’s either real commitment or real stupidity, depending on whom you ask.

Anyway, parts of this season were shot during the great Duggar Baby Boom of 2019, a time at which five Duggar women were pregnant at once.

And it looks like the season had a longer-than-usual shooting schedule, as we just learned this week that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her second child, and that reveal made it into the trailer!

Also in this season we get to learn about the Duggar response to the pandemic.

At first there were rumors that Jim Bob thought the coronavirus was a hoax.

But he seems to be serious taking it seriously — or at least pretending to — as his daughters sew masks for a local charitable organization.

We’ll know more when the season actually debuts on June 30.

After all, JB’s not a very good actor.

We’re sure fans will find solace in knowing that even the proudly old-school Duggars are dealing with the same modern challenges as the rest of us.

Of course, as the trailer reminds us, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Yes, believe it or not, Jana is still being questioned about when she’ll find a man.

And the pressure is not only coming from her family — random hairstylists are interrogating the poor girl!

At one point, producers ask Jana if she’s sick of being grilled about getting married.

And the poor girl’s body language speaks volumes.

Hey, maybe she’s just dreading the day when she’ll be forced to give birth with a TLC camera in her face.

Yes, it wouldn’t be a season of Counting On without a painful birth scene, and it looks like this season has several.

Take a look if you’re not squeamish, but remember that we warned you:

Not only will you see women in labor, you’ll see Jim Bob stuffing his face with a fervor most men reserve for sexual intercourse.

Do not watch while eating!

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