Courtney Love Salty Over Olivia Rodrigo's Similar Prom-Themed Art

Olivia Rodrigo‘s latest cover art looks an awful lot like something Courtney Love put out years ago — and the latter isn’t afraid to point that out … not to mention demand credit.

The 18-year-old singer — who’s blowing up right now from her “drivers license” hit, plus her debut album “SOUR” from earlier this year — teased a new visual project tied to her record, which will apparently be all about prom … and OR never being able to attend her own.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She posed for a shoot in which she’s in a prom dress, a tiara and mascara running down her face … with a bouquet of flowers in tow. If that looks familiar, it’s ’cause it is … Courtney’s band, Hole, released “Live Through This” in the ’90s, and it’s got a very similar aesthetic.

CL poked fun at this … reposting Olivia’s photo, and captioning it with, “Spot the difference! #twinning! 🥸@oliviarodrigo 😉👸👸.” Seems like it was all in good fun, but it would appear Courtney is legit upset about this … and perhaps rightly so.

Olivia eventually responded in Courtney’s comments, writing … “Love u and live through this sooooo much.” Not really an apology or acknowledgment of inspiration (in our minds) … and it looks like Courtney thought so too, because she told Olivia to send her flowers and a thank you note, while making sure to note her favorite florist. Indeed, it’s deliciously petty.

Some are saying Courtney’s expecting too much here — as there’s an argument that artists (especially ones from vastly different generations) are ripping each other’s style all the time, consciously or unconsciously. It’s also unclear if Olivia was aware of Courtney’s work when she/her team were putting this whole concept together. Either way, Court doesn’t care.

She dug in, writing … “Does Disney teach kids reading and writing? God knows. Let’s see. Yes this is rude. Rage inducing? Honey if I had a dollar for everyone this happens? I’d be real rich!”

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