Daredevil Rider Alex Harvill Dies at 28 After Crashing During Failed World Record Motorcycle Jump

In a video recorded by spectators during the tragic accident, the motorcycle stuntman can be seen riding his bike through a field before jumping off a ramp and smashing into a large dirt mound.

AceShowbizAlex Harvill has passed away in a tragic accident. The daredevil rider died on Thursday, June 16 at the age of 28 after crashing while practicing for an attempt at a world-record 351-foot motorcycle jump.

The tragedy happened at the Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, Washington, according to the Grant County Coroner’s Office. In the video recorded by spectators from a distance, the 28-year-old could be seen riding his bike through a field before jumping off a ramp.

The motorcycle stuntman was actually trying to break the Guinness World Record for the longest motorcycle ramp jump, which was previously set at 351 feet by Robbie Maddison in March 2008. During his jump, however, the late bike rider came up short of his destination and smashed into a large dirt mound. The crash sent him flying over the handlebars of his Suzuki 450 and flipping dozens of feet forward.

iFIBER One reported that the fatal practice jump was his first of the morning and was a 150-foot jump. Meanwhile, some eyewitnesses claimed that his helmet flew off of his head after the crash, as per KIMA-TV reports.

Alex was reportedly rushed to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake after first responders tried to treat him at the scene, before ultimately succumbing to his injuries. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed on Friday, June 18 to identify his cause of death, according to the Grant County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook.

“We regret to report today at our first event of the airshow — the Guinness World Record Jump Attempt, Alex Harvill was injured during his warm-up before the jump and has been taken to the hospital,” the Moses Lake Airshow said in a statement on its Facebook page prior to his death. “We do not have more information at this time regarding the incident.”

The airshow also vowed to donate proceeds from the jump towards medical expenses for Alex. “Our hearts are with Alex and his family. All proceeds from today’s jump will be donated to Alex to contribute to his medical expenses,” they declared.

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