David Eason: Ill Kill Any Dog OR Person That Messes with My Kids!

David Eason has a bit of a violent streak.

We know, we know — understatement of the year.

David seems to love hurting all kinds of things that are smaller and weaker than him, and we’ve seen evidence of that time and time again.

Jenelle Evans has accused him multiple times of being abusive in all kinds of ways. She’s claimed that he knocked her down so hard she thought she broke a bone, and that he broke their front door down once while she locked herself in a room upstairs.

When she got that restraining order against him in 2019, she said that he once locked Kaiser in a car and wouldn’t let him out, and that she wanted protection from him because she was afraid for her life.

And she’s not the first woman to get a restraining order against him — his last ex got one too after telling a judge that he’d been physically abusive to her while she was pregnant with their son.

Nathan Griffith and his mother, Doris, have both said that Kaiser told them that David hit him, and Nathan even once shared photos of Kaiser covered in strange marks that he claimed were the result of David hitting him with a stick.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s also all that animal abuse.

There was recently some controversy about him doing an inhumane backwoods operation on some roosters, and a little while before that Ensley let it slip in an Instagram video that he’d killed some baby chickens.

If you remember the sordid saga of Elvis, the pet goat that David decapitated and cooked for the family … well, sorry about that.

Then, of course, there was Nugget, the poor French bulldog puppy that nipped at Ensley, and instead of training the dog or teaching Ensley how to handle animals or rehoming, David took the dog to the woods and shot it with a shotgun.

There was a police investigation, CPS removed the children from the home, and Jenelle even left him for a few months — you’d think that after all of that, they might have just given up on having dogs, you know?

But you’d think wrong — while Jenelle was gone, David got two puppies and she got a puppy of her own.

One of David’s puppies was “stolen” or “ran away,” but they still have the other two, and earlier this week David posted a photo of himself with one of them:

“Junior has the strongest bite of any dog on the world,” he wrote in the caption. “Also one of the most docile breeds ever… He is perfect in all ways.”

A lot of his followers had something to say about this, naturally — he got a lot of comments about how he shouldn’t own dogs at all after what happened with Nugget, which is obviously fair.

But one person left a comment that read “He’s adorable. Hopefully he won’t snap at your kiddo like your last dog, he’ll be out back with a bullet.

And David’s response?

“You’re damn f-cking right, just like anything or anyone else that tries to attack my children. Including YOU.”

So … that reads like a threat, right?

Which is truly bizarre for a lot of reasons.

The person clearly didn’t say anything even remotely negative about his kids, so why would he feel the need to even say this?

Why is he so proud that he’s willing to jump straight to murder under these specific circumstances?

Why is he so aggressive all the time for literally no reason?

It looks like this comment has been removed from his post, which is probably a good thing since, again, it truly reads like a death threat.

But maybe just don’t act like this in the first place?

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