Demi Lovato’s massive engagement ring is worth $2-$5 million

As we know by now, Demi Lovato and her boyfriend of four months, Max Elrich, got engaged in a very picturesque beach setting – and by picturesque, I mean perfectly curated, framed and lighted. Max presented Demi with a huge emerald-cut diamond set with proportionally large side diamonds. Thanks to TMZ, we now know that this baby set “Max” back between $2.5M-$5M and that the price tag is supposedly because of the cut:

Now TMZ is reporting that the ring is worth anywhere from $2.5 to $5 million, all because it’s a “special cut” from super fancy celebrity jeweler Peter Marco. Ooo, ahhhh, a Marco original! TMZ’s sources say the rock weighs somewhere between 10-20 carats, and is “an emerald cut that was handset in platinum, and flanked on all sides by smaller (only relatively) trapezoid-shaped diamonds designs.”

Sources say Max wanted the ring’s design to be “unique”, and worked closely with Peter Marco to pair the big elongated stone with the perfect side stones, until it was “just right”. Well, the finished product certainly puts the “extra” in extravagant.

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The ring is massive and the clarity on those diamonds is gorgeous. I won’t lie, the minute I saw this I started scouring my fake jewelry sites for a faux-cocktail version. I love dramatic, “that can’t be real” bling. I found a few CZ look-alikes, but they’re $150 and that’s way over my flashy jewelry budget. So, as you can imagine, I would never consider putting a $5M version of this ring on my finger. I have to believe any ring with that price tag just feels heavier. At first, I balked at the idea that Max had anything to do with designing this ring but honestly, I know a lot of men who would come up with a completely standard design (“but make it bigger!”) and call it their own inspired vision.

Demi looks thrilled with it so clearly it’s her style. If this is the ring she wanted then Max got it all right, and that’s a good way to kick off a betrothal. That price, though. Paris Hilton’s 20 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring cost $2M, so every cent over that is the designer’s ego tax he tacked on. It’s an absurd amount of money, sure but I also think these poor guys got ripped off. I hope it maintains its inflated value if this is an investment piece. As I said, I love the drama of the ring and would love an affordable knockoff in my collection. But tastes change over time and sometimes I wonder if these couples consider that when they go all in for these huge pieces. And I hate to be cynical but something this distinctive will set the paparazzi off if she’s spotted without it. The headlines will be: Demi spotted without her Lake Michigan sized diamond – trouble in paradise? Still, she’s happy so I’m happy for her. Plus, she’ll never have to worry about forgetting her compact, she can just use her diamond to check her teeth for leftover kale!

(ps – Demi was really cute in Eurovision)

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