Diddy’s Son Defends Him Amid Joe Biden Backlash, Naomi Campbell Praises Him

The hip-hop mogul has been catching heat ever since he told black Americans not to vote for the politician just because he’s the only Democrats candidate left.

AceShowbiz -Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has been facing backlash after urging black people to hold their votes for Joe Biden. His son Justin Combs has come to his defense and hit back at the critics, particularly his dad’s right hand man Kenny Burns.

Justin was not happy over the fact that Kenny chose to make his response public rather than taking it privately. “U got all of our numbers OG you could’ve reached out privately and had a conversation! Still can,” so he wrote on Instagram. “As black kings we should handle situations like this better than just posting on IG. What does this solve?”

Naomi Campbell took notice of his comment and went on to praise Justin, responding to his comment by saying, “Here here to that fam , etiquette.”

The controversy started after Diddy had a video chat with Naomi. During the conversation, the rapper told black Americans not to automatically vote for Biden just because he’s the only Democratic candidate left for the presidential election. “Because nothing has changed in America for black America,” the 50-year-old rapper reasoned. “And I will hold the vote hostage if I had to.” He continued, “It’s whoever is gonna take care of our community. Whoever wants to make a deal. It’s business at this point.”

Among the people who blasted him was his right hand man Kenny, but his comment was apparently erased by Diddy. He also claimed that Diddy has blocked him. “You erase My Truthful Comment and keep the VOTE FOR TRUMP comments on Your Page. Then You Block Me…lol,” he said. “Come on Champ! This is NOT Leadership!!! Where were You during the primaries??? What Happened to #VoteOrDie??? TRUMP BEiNG PUT OUT OF OFFiCE iS THE ONLY OPTiON!!! PERiOD.”

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