Diplo Reveals His Summer Crocs Inspo: 'A Roadrunner Whispered in My Ear to Make Mushroom Crocs'

Not everyone is a fan of Crocs, and people like Victoria Beckham have made their distaste for the eccentric shoes known. Either way, the Crocs have made an even bigger comeback thanks to various celebrities such as Justin Beiber and Post Malone. Diplo recently launched his collection of the foam plastic shoes, and they sold out in hours. The star revealed his inspiration for the collection, and the source will blow your mind.

Diplo’s early beginnings

Born Thomas Wesley Pentz, Diplo spent most of his youth in Miami, where he started experimenting with Miami bass. Home-grown rap had a significant influence in shaping the DJ’s production style. He attended the University of Central Florida and became a DJ at Rollins College radio station.

When he moved to further his studies at Temple University, Diplo started gaining attention as a DJ. He and fellow DJ Low Budget began throwing parties under the name Hooked on Hollertronix. The two had met a few times when DJing and formed a solid bond.

The success of their partnership led to them releasing mixtapes both as a team and independently and garnering fame across the country. One of their mixtapes made it to the New York Times Top Ten albums in 2003 and the duo’s moniker became associated with parties featuring guests like M.I.A and Maluca Mala.

Diplo originally went by the name Diplodocus. This is the same name the star used to release his first solo project. It wasn’t long until his parties would give him the needed success to move to the next step in his career to building a studio with his full-time focus on music.

With the focus on music and a studio in mind, the star built his iconic studio, ‘The Mausoleum.’ ‘The Mausoleum’ would be a video studio, record label office, event space, and video studio. ‘The Mausoleum’ has become home to various high-profile artists such as Shakira, Christina Aguilera, plastic little, and more.

Who has Diplo dated

Although Diplo has never been married, he has had a long list of high-profile relationships. In 2003 the star began seeing rapper M.I.A, and in the course of their relationship, the two collaborated on several songs such as ‘Paper Planes.’ Their love might have blossomed in music but faded with time, with reports indicating emotional abuse by the DJ.

The pair called it quits on their relationship of five years in 2008, and in 2015, MIA accused Diplo of getting jealous of her success and trying to control her career. In 2014 rumors began swirling that Diplo and singer Katy Perry were an item.

The couple was spotted together at Coachella and also the Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere party. Blogs, however, reported that the A-listers had ended their relationship a month later, but the reports turned out to be false. However, in 2015, Perry and Diplo went their separate ways.

In 2017, Diplo was spotted holding hands with actor Kate Hudson at the Vanity Fair Oscars’ after-party. Although it looked like a relationship was blossoming between the pair, a source revealed that Diplo and Hudson were just friends. Diplo has three children, two with his ex-Kathryn Lockhart and former Miss Universe contestant Jevon King.

A roadrunner gave Diplo inspiration for his Crocs line

Diplo recently partnered with Crocs to release the Diplo x Crocs collection. The collection comes in two unique styles and has 3D glow-in-the-dark mushrooms. Diplo debuted the shoe in his Twitter account and shared his inspiration for the shoe.

According to the star, a roadrunner gave him the idea to create the shoe. The star wrote, “a roadrunner ran past me and whispered in my ear to make mushroom Crocs.” The shoe line dropped on June 8, and within a day, they had already sold out. Speaking to Esquire, Diplo described his fashion sense as “a mix of Ric Flair and Steve McQueen” which would explain his interesting choice in outfits.

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