DJ Khaled Clowned After Filmed Clutching a Pillow During Plane Turbulence

It’s the ‘I’m the One’ rapper himself who shares the videos showing him fearing for his life during his latest flight after previously opening up about his anxiety when it comes to flying.

AceShowbizDJ Khaled has just shown the not-so-glamorous side of a frequent flyer. Having been lucky to enjoy the luxury of traveling by private jet, the rapper has gotten candid about his fear of flying.

On Thursday, February 17, the 46-year-old uploaded some clips to his Instagram Story showing him and his entourage getting ready to be on board a plane. At first he looked relaxed as he showed the view of the blue sky from the plane window while he listened to some music in the background.

The next few clips, however, captured him kneeling on the floor on another part of the plane as he buried his face in a pillow apparently during a turbulence. He lifted his head several times to look outside, but he seemingly couldn’t get rid of his fear and decided to close his eyes again while clutching the pillow. A woman behind the camera was heard chuckling while this all happened.

After he posted the clips, social media users found them amusing. “This about to be my new favorite meme,” one person reacted to the videos. Another commented, “His wife in there laughing and this man is praying to Allah like he ain’t never did before lmao.”

A third described Khaled in the footage, “Dang khaled was holding on for dear life.” A fourth wrote, “They way he clutched that pillow! Laaawwwdddd,” while someone else admitted, “Mannnnnnnn I can’t stop laffin.”

Some others, however, empathized with Khaled as one noted, “I’m not got hold you this some real shiii!!!! I still get crazy anxiety on plane with bad turbulence. It gets crazy up there smh.” Another echoed the sentiment, “I won’t even laugh that turbulence be scary as hell.”

Lil Mama, meanwhile, sent her best wishes to Khaled, “He never used to fly. Feared it. Then God took him places in his career that he couldn’t reach driving or by ship in time. Praying for his continuous courage and safety. Blessed Man. I love Khalad (sic).”

This isn’t the first time Khaled has opened up about his fear of flying. Back in March 2021, he shared a video that showed him getting anxious as he and his family were about to take off. He was seen questioning the pilot about the flight path, as well as potential turbulence while some women of his family urged him to calm down. He ended up kneeling on the floor of the jet with his head on a seat in a bid to avoid looking out of the window.

“I don’t like to fly when it rains or when it cloudy,” he shared in the caption. “Today I couldn’t see the sky . So had some real talk wit pilot – great pilot and honest , people don’t realize to make these big anthems the mission to get it done it’s not just working in the studio so much more that comes wit it . we blessed we landed safe GOD IS THE GREATEST!”

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