Dolly Parton Openly Gushes Over Her ‘Pretty’ and ‘Artful’ Tattoos

In a new interview, the 74-year-old country superstar, who is known for being private about her personal life, has finally confirmed longtime rumors about her having some hidden tattoos.

AceShowbizDolly Parton has finally broken her silence on rumors that she has tattoos. When addressing the longtime speculations among fans that she has been hiding some body arts under her long-sleeve clothings, the country superstar gushed that her collection of inks are “pretty” and “artful.”

The 74-year-old singer set the record straight during an interview with PEOPLE. “I do have some tattoos, that’s true,” she first revealed. “But they’re tasteful. I’m not a tattoo girl.” Spilling more details, she noted, “My tattoos are pretty, they’re artful and they usually started out to cover some scar, not to make a big statement. Ribbons and bows and butterflies are the things that I have.”

Elaborating on the reason behind her getting tattoos, the “9 to 5” songstress explained, “I was very sick for a while and I had to wear a feeding tube It left a little indention in my side and I didn’t like it because I’m so fair that scars turn purple on me.” She added, “I had a little beehive tattooed over it – a little yellow-and-brown beehive with a tiny little bee on top of the hive. The mouth of it is that little sinkhole.”

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When asked whether she had a tattoo of her husband Carl Dean, Dolly lightheartedly stated, “No, he’s tatttoed on my heart.” However, she was not opposed to having one in the future. “Who knows, I may get some more later,” she stated. “I may just have to get covered with tattoos just so everybody could be right!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Dolly weighed in on another constant speculation regarding her health. “One, it shows up about every three years in the tabloids, where I’m bedridden because my boobs are so heavy that I’m crippled for life on my back,” she said. “I just laugh. Well, they are heavy, but they haven’t crippled me yet.”

“And then they find a picture of me, from when I was actually doing a video, you know, laying on all the bed somewhere. And the story is that my spine is injured or whatever,” the godmother of Miley Cyrus detailed. “I just think, ‘Oh my Lord. If they were that heavy, I’d have them changed. I’d have them lessened.’ “

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