‘Don’t’ Host Adam Scott Explains Why His Kids Are Embarrassed By His Hosting Gig

The new game show Don’t is launching tonight on ABC and Adam Scott is opening up about why his kids are embarrassed by his hosting gig.

Ryan Reynolds is the executive producer of the series and he provides voiceover. The show follows four-member teams competing for a chance to win up to $100,000 while doing hilarious tasks.

Adam says that his kids – daughter Frankie and son Graham – have never shown an interest in his projects, but he hopes that changes with this show.

“They think it’s ridiculous. They’ve never really shown an interest in watching stuff that I’m in. I hope that sort of ends with this. I feel like they could like it,” he told Fox News.

“One thing is there is a billboard for the show right down the street from our house, and that’s been deeply embarrassing to them,” Adam added. “So it’s not a great start, ABC – as far as hooking my kids in – is having a billboard down the street from our house. They are not happy about that, but I think they would get there. I think they would like it the most if they could get a blooper reel. They like watching me screw up. That’s what would amuse them the most, I think.”

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