Dr. Heavenly’s Job Advice Has Fans In A Fury. Here’s Why.

Uh-oh! “Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes is in the hot seat following some job advice she shared with her fans. “#Job101 work for free or for lesser pay,” she wrote via Twitter on June 8. “Prove yourself to your employer! Trust me if you are good, they will hire you with top pay in no time! #HeavenHelpUs #DrHeavenly #married2med.” 

However, her words garnered a lot of criticism with people slamming her tip to lend their skills free of charge. “Omg this literally the worst career advice. Know and stand in your worth!” one person replied. “This is only ok if you’re still a student and early in your career but even then be careful of crappy employers that think like this. Everyone deserves to be paid a good wage.” 

Although some people found her advice helpful, with another person commenting, “Nail on the head sis,” most users seemed to think her remarks were out of touch. “Give me your number I’ll forward it to my landlord and creditors so you explain to them the importance of work for work’s sake,” someone else echoed. 

But despite the backlash, Dr. Heavenly continued to defend her own advice and even clapped back at some of her fans who had a lot to say about her controversial tip. 

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