Dr. Jill Biden completely mispronounced ‘si se puede’ while speaking to farm workers

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I love our First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden. She seems like a cool teacher, a cool grandma, an understanding professor and a good dog-mom. She’s the kind of teacher-lady who loves to do cheeseball celebrations for Valentine’s Day and I guarantee she’s going to warmly embrace a grown man dressed as the Easter Bunny over the next few days. But I think we all know that Dr. Jill will make mistakes! And some of those mistakes will be in public, as she gives a speech, and completely butchers the Spanish language. Dios Mio, as Hilaria Baldwin would say!

— Alexei Koseff (@akoseff) March 31, 2021

Spanish-speakers will be like “COMO?? QUE??” I mean, bless her heart. “Si se puede” is “yes we can” in Spanish and it’s literally pronounced how it looks for Spanish speakers – See Say Puay-day. Jill was like “Pwaaadway!” It was funny. But of course the obvious people are trying to make this into a thing, and they’re still pretending Melania Trump was some kind of genius who could speak twenty languages. Nope.

Also, Dr. Jill was there (California) speaking to farmworkers and other food-chain essential workers, and she was encouraging them to get vaccinated. She was honoring the California-state holiday for Cesar Chavez as well.

These photos are from Monday, where the president and First Lady visited the Vietnam Memorial to pay their respects. Joe and Jill did a rubbing of some of the names, which is quite common for visitors. While the Vietnam Memorial is incredibly sad, it’s also one of the most beautiful landmarks in DC.

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