Elizabeth Olsen’s Powerful Mantra That She Learned From Sisters Mary-Kate & Ashley Goes Viral

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen passed down a mantra to Elizabeth Olsen that is now going viral on TikTok. Even ‘GOT’ star Sophie Turner raved over the important ‘sentence.’

Elizabeth Olsen shared an excellent mantra, courtesy of her older sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, that all women should be using. The WandaVision star actually shared the powerful phrase on theoffcamerashow in Jan. 2021, but it didn’t start going viral until a TikTok fan account called @hannaeelisabeth shared a clip from the interview on March 15. “Is there a mantra or a rule that you learned from your family that sort of still holds true in the way that you conduct yourself, or the way you conduct business?,” the interviewee asked Elizabeth, 32.

sophie being on lizzie-tiktok just made my day so much better #wandavision #elizabetholsen #sophieturner

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