Ellen Pompeo Reveals Her New Favorite Couple on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Ellen Pompeo held a fun fan question and answer session on her Twitter account this afternoon, where she revealed she has a new favorite couple on Grey’s Anatomy.

After the first table read for the upcoming season, fans reached out to the 51-year-old actress about what they could expect from the new episodes, where she shared that one couple is standing out among the rest.

“Yes I have a new favorite couple,” she tweeted. “Not sure what you’ll call them…but they are adorable you guys can have fun guessing who!!”

One fan guessed that it was Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and her boyfriend Winston (Anthony Hill), which Ellen confirmed with a follow up “ding ding ding!” tweet.

“You guys… you have no idea how adorable they are,” she added.

If you don’t know, Maggie was previously Winston’s boss before she moved to Seattle. They reunited at a medical conference in season 16, where the romance between them started.

Check out the tweets below!

Production on season 17 of the hit ABC drama is set to start this month and the pandemic will also be part of the storylines.

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