Elon Musk Accidentally Revealed He Has A Twitter Alt Account Where He Poses As His Own Son & Posts Weird Sex Stuff

Well, this is weird and gross in a number of ways…

Elon Musk‘s Twitter changes since purchasing the social media app for way too much have been largely panned. He fired staff needed to run the site (so much so he had to hire some back), he unbanned white supremacist accounts and shadow-banned folks who were critical of him, and much like Donald Trump with his infrastructure promises (remember that?) he completely failed to do the one thing we were cheering for — bringing back Vine.

Most recently he removed the verification check marks — replacing them with a paid “verification” system which offers none of the ID theft/hoax security but does net Elon a return on his $44 billion investment — $8 at a time. It was this last move he was bragging about when he showed a little too much on Monday. He posted a screen grab of his account which showed the actual number of current subscribers to Twitter Blue — 24.7k. That means he’s getting a cool $200k per month. (Minus all the unwilling celeb subscribers he’s paying for out of his own pocket of course.) But hey, it’s something. In just 18 THOUSAND years, he should break even!

But it wasn’t the numbers that had folks flummoxed. It was the fact he forgot you could see the alt accounts on that Twitter bio page. And the one he exposed is a doozy!

It seems that Elon is the true mind behind an account with the handle ErmnMusk. The user is listed as a 2-year-old boy who will turn 3 on May 4. Sound familiar? Yeah, it very much appears he’s posing as his own son, X AE A-XII Musk. The profile pic looks a lot like the kid (as seen above), too. That’s weird enough, but it’s what the account posts that really has social media users gagging.

Apparently Elon uses that account, which was created in November 2022, to tweet the most embarrassing stuff, like about sexual kinks and whatnot. The kind of thing, we presume, he doesn’t want on his main? Or maybe he would, who knows. But he’s ALSO tweeting stuff here. As a child.

For instance, he replied to his own meme — a photo of disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried in a fake PornHub video titled “Man F**ks 5 Million People At Once.” The baby Musk asked in response:

“Is this a real peon video?”

Don’t google that. Trust us.

Lil Elon also commented on the sexual attractiveness of SBF’s girlfriend, talked about wanting to be old enough to go to nightclubs, and asked a crypto bro:

“Do you like Japanese girls?”

Yeah, not appropriate words to put in a child’s mouth, are they?

See more evidence below, in case it gets deleted!

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