Firefly Lane’s Sarah Chalke Talks Season 2 & What Tully Did to Kate

Firefly Lane has been a huge hit for Netflix and while a second season hasn’t been ordered yet, Sarah Chalke is opening up about the possibility of more episodes.

The 44-year-old actress told Variety that even she doesn’t know yet if the second season will happen.

“From your mouth,” Sarah said while appearing on the Just for Variety with Marc Malkin podcast. “I’m so hopeful.”

In the final moments of the season finale, we find out that Sarah‘s character Kate is no longer speaking to her longtime best friend Tully (Katherine Heigl), though we don’t know why.

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t know,” Sarah said when asked what Tully did to Kate. “I don’t know what (show creator) Maggie Friedman will pick. We talked about it a bunch and we were like, ‘Well, it definitely cannot be that Tully slept with Johnny.’ It can’t be something like that. That’s something that we know we would never be able to have them get past.”

She added, “You so rarely see this incredible bond between two women in television. I love their authentic, flawed relationship that it’s not this glossy, everything is perfect. You see them really go at it and overcome huge things, but then there’s this one thing that they can’t.”

The book series revealed what happened between Tully and Kate.

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