Graham Norton asked to hold stranger’s hand after being stabbed ‘Didn’t want to die alone’

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Graham Norton took himself aback to the terrifying moment he believed he was going to die after he was mugged and stabbed while walking home from a party when he was at drama school in London in 1989. During the few minutes he lay “dying” on a mat, he asked a stranger to hold his hand.

I lifted up my t-shirt and there was a hole in my chest

Graham Norton

Speaking on Elizabeth Day’s How To Fail podcast, the comedian revealed he lost a lot of blood during the violent attack as he lay there holding a “little old lady’s” hand so that he wouldn’t “die alone”.

Recalling the harrowing moments, Graham said: “I’m on this mat and I didn’t know I was dying, I didn’t figure it out until later, and this is so not me but I remember saying to this little old lady ‘will you hold my hand?’

“And it was a flicker on her face of, ‘Oh do I want to hold his hand?’ but she did and she held out her hand.”

He continued: “I held her hand and I think that’s something so deep within us and it motivates so much of our life that we don’t want to die alone.”

Those frightening minutes got him thinking about life in a deeper sense; about making decisions so that we are never alone when we die.

“It’s about having someone to hold your hand,” he explained.

“It gave me a really good attitude to risk and to failure because if you think of the worst-case scenario, no failure compares to dying.

“I’m not recommending anyone do it but for me, it was a very useful and powerful life lesson.”

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