Helen Skelton addresses being booed by circus audience for mistakes I was so bad

Summer on the Farm: Helen Skelton tells guest to ‘calm yourself’

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Countryfile and former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton, 37, has relayed being “booed” by an audience at Winter Wonderland after attempting a tightrope walk. Speaking exclusive to Express.co.uk, the This Week On The Farm host reminisced about the moment, which saw her “fall off” the line “so many times”, but despite her struggles went on to complete a tightrope walk above Battersea Power Station following an “intense” and “exhausting” training schedule.

I was so bad at it I fell off so many times, the whole audience was booing me

Helen Skelton

Addressing her tightrope walk for charity 10 years ago, the star revealed that she had been “booed” by onlookers during practice runs.

When she was 27, the Blue Peter presenter walked for 150m on a high-wire above Battersea Power Station as part of a challenge for children’s charity Comic Relief.

Opening up about her resilient character, Helen explained that prior to the charity walk she was jeered at for falling off the high line.

She said: “I’m not afraid to make an idiot of myself, the tightrope thing is amazing because about two months earlier I went to the circus at Winter Wonderland in London to walk on the high line.”

The 2011 Red Nose Day challenge was delayed by over half an hour due to high winds, but despite the bad weather, the star completed the 66m high walk in just 11 minutes.

“I was so bad at it I fell off so many times, the whole audience was booing me, even the kids,” Helen added.

Clearly not put off by her bad experience, the Countryfile star went on to complete the walk in south London.

She explained: “I’m not naturally good at stuff but I’m also not bothered when it goes wrong.

“If I’m not good at it then I’m more likely to keep going.”

Expanding on her adventurous personality trait, Helen added that she isn’t scared to make a “fool” of herself while trying something new.

She continued: “I just think we’re so hung up on not making a fool of ourselves, I genuinely really subscribe to that cliche notion that it’s better to try and fail, than to not try at all.”

Addressing her participation in Slingsby’s Celebrity Golf Academy, Helen confessed that she found it “intimidating” standing on the course, but was more than willing to give it a go.

“I’m not a natural sports person but I will give it a go, golf can be so intimidating.

“You stand on the tee, everyone’s looking at you, it’s really full of pressure but so what?”

“If you really muck it up, no one died and at least you’ve had a go,” she added.

This year the star is taking part in Slingby’s Celebrity Golf Academy to encourage more women to take to the green in summer 2021.

Helen will be competing against Natalie Pinkham, Fleur East and Bela Shah for the opportunity to compete in the BMW PGA Championships through the Slingsby Gin Golf Academy.

Slingsby Gin is a proud sponsor of the BMW PGA Championship.

They’ve also launched its celebrity Golf Academy to encourage more women to take to the course this summer and to champion the social side of the sport.

You can follow Helen’s journey on @slingsbysocial.

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